Fish And Scale Draws From Deep Wells Of Emotion And Meaning In His Latest EP ‘Wonderful’

Fish And Scale, a musical jewel from Nuremberg, Germany, is reverberating worldwide thanks to the release of his new EP, “Wonderful.”

This maestro, whose real name is Roland Walzlein, skillfully blends the harmony of nature with tantalising melodies in his compositions. His work transports listeners to an otherworldly realm where music tells stories and breaks through walls.

Fish And Scale has cemented his name in the hearts of people all around the globe because of his heartfelt performances, engaging lyrical ability, and beautiful melodies. His distinct musical persona, which can be fiery and assertive one moment and soft and introspective the next, stands out like a light in the always-shifting musical scene.

In the French iTunes Singer/Songwriter Charts, his captivating single “You Can Call Me Love” peaked at position number fifteen. This accomplishment is a recognition of his musical creativity and his ability to move people with his songs.

The much-awaited EP, “Wonderful,” delves into the process of coming into one’s own and the universal need to experience love, joy, and freedom. The EP is told from the perspective of a person looking for something, and it delves into the human need to feel like you belong somewhere.

Fish And Scale Draws From Deep Wells Of Emotion And Meaning In His Latest EP ‘Wonderful’
Fish And Scale Draws From Deep Wells Of Emotion And Meaning In His Latest EP ‘Wonderful’

An overarching subject of this daring work is escaping the constraints imposed by a culture that falsely links monetary success with personal fulfilment. Fish And Scale challenges the audience to go beyond superficial concerns and consider the meaning of life on a deeper level. That precious appreciation for life’s wonders that comes from overcoming obstacles on the path to self-acceptance is something he reminds us of.

The EP “Wonderful” by Fish And Scale is more like a symphony of the human experience, beautifully spoken and sonically excellent. This aural excursion confirms the beauty inherent in each of our particular travels. Incorporate it into your life, revel in it, and most of all, use it to remind you of the incredible person you are.

Could you tell us about the creative process behind “Wonderful”?
I try to listen before I write, although listening and writing often coincide as one process. Listening means listening to my inner creator. Although it is not possible for me to do it willingly, it just happens. That’s also the reason why I don’t write songs all the time.

What inspired you to create “Wonderful”?
Always the world inside of me

You’ve undoubtedly developed a unique sound and style to fit into your musical journey, how does it showcase your growth and artistic evolution?
mmh …

Can you share the underlying message or theme that you wanted to convey through “Wonderful”?
“Wonderful” describes various stages of a journey to the origin of the own existence, a journey of self-discovery. The deep human search for fulfilment, love and freedom is the starting point and leads initially to the urge to follow your own authentic path.

This requires freeing yourself from the voices of society that make you believe true happiness is to be gained from external achievements (Don’t care). Only then does the true beauty of life become visible and you see your own value, the preciousness of your own existence regardless of your success or failure story (Wonderful).

You begin to feel more deeply and recognize yourself in the beauty and magnificence of existence. Suddenly, there is a connection, a merging between you and all that you perceive. (Feel me!) You free yourself from your concepts, your protective walls and facades and stop constructing the world in your mind.

Instead, you experience life in the present moment, ultimately realizing that everything you are looking for is already here and no longer needs to be found, because the fulfilment of your longing lies within you (Stay!).

How do you envision “Wonderful” resonating with your audience, and what impact do you hope it will have on listeners as this has the potential to become a fan-favourite.?
If it resonates with me and of course it does, it will also resonate with other people in a way which music has the power, the power to open the heart

Do you have any exciting plans or projects in the pipeline? Can you give us a glimpse into what the future holds for your music?
Would love to tour the USA

How do you navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with being an artist in today’s competitive landscape?
Sometimes it could be frustrating because there are so many releases every day and to stand out is really a challenge. But, “You have to go on,” says my inner creator.

Are there any other musical genres or styles that you are interested in exploring in your future releases?
Don’t know, as I mentioned before, I try to listen to my inner creator

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