Feel Loved Again With The Beautiful R&B Song ‘I Pick U’ By Dnigel

A new acoustic version of DNigel‘s song “I Pick U” starring singer Steve Drakes is now available on SoundCloud, and it’s time to relax to some smooth rhythm and blues.

The acoustic tune this up-and-coming musician performed for us was so moving that it may well win the award for the best love song of the year. This rhythm and blues slow jam will induce a trance-like state with its hypnotic melodies.

Soulful harmonies accompany his incredible vocal performance on this love ballad, which will have you listening again and over. DNigel’s distinctive sound and daring musical choices have helped him rise to the top, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

To satisfy his SoundCloud listeners, he has recently released new tracks including “FUSION” and “Believe (master). He’s a talented musician who can get people up and move to ‘I Pick U’ or dance to his Pop tunes. This song is different from others because of its words and its sluggish beat.

Made with evident enthusiasm, it lets us see into his soul. You’ll be motivated to reach for the transcendent love that society is systematically eroding. Beautiful wedding music, or maybe just a signal to start dating someone special.

The acoustic rendition of “I Pick U” is a soothing love tune that you can jam to all day. This song is amazing; the combination of his hypnotic voice and catchy melodies will make your heart skip a beat.

As an added bonus, singer Steve Drakes’s enchanted tones perfectly complement the mystical tone of the album. This song’s goal is to spread love and create lasting smiles for its listeners. That’s why this tune is so popular that it can no longer be ignored. Sounds like this and more may be found on SoundCloud.

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