Elamar Takes Us On A Love Journey With “Running”

About Elamar

Elamar was born into a large family in Dimona and attended and graduated from The Brotherhood School. Elamar was inspired to better the world by the school’s innovative educational method. Elamar afterwards spent three years in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). In the army, he learned discipline, purpose, passion, and communication skills. Elamar has always been creative, and art has become his expression. He’s experimented with art and music and found his love of music after hearing one of his youth bands and realised where his future lies. Elamar’s music is distinct in that it does not fit into any of the established genres. Elamar’s songs are inspired by his love and admiration for women, which he expresses via music. He continues to develop his music and inspire others with his lyrics and great spirit.

About The Release “Running”

Elamar’s “Running” is all about love. More specifically, the song is about a partner who does not want to put their all into the relationship, and Elamar encourages the partner to stop fleeing and make an attempt. When two people are committed to each other, the outcomes are always magnificent. With his lovely and appealing vocals, Elamar transports listeners on a captivating voyage through a riveting environment. You should absolutely listen to “Running”!

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