Denel’s Foundation Announces Health-Focused Activities For 2024

Denel’s Foundation, a dedicated non-governmental organization, has outlined its impactful activities for the year 2024, culminating in a comprehensive health screening event.

Under the theme “One in a Million,” this year’s initiatives are geared towards enhancing the health sector, aiming to reach and support communities in need.

Starting in July and climaxing in August, Denel’s Foundation will embark on a series of activities including a media tour, a school tour, community outreach programs, and a significant health screening and seminar.

Since its inception in 2022, Denel’s Foundation has been committed to aiding those in need. The foundation began its mission by donating food items and clothes to the Royal Seed Orphanage, benefiting over 100 children and 65 young adults.

In 2023, the foundation expanded its efforts by donating medical supplies to the Pentecost Hospital and providing financial assistance to ten patients suffering from hepatitis B and diabetes. Additionally, they conducted educational drives to raise awareness about diabetes and promote self-care practices.

Denel's Foundation Announces Health-Focused Activities For 2024
Denel’s Foundation Announces Health-Focused Activities For 2024

This year’s activities promise to build on these successes, starting with a media tour to raise awareness about health issues and the foundation’s mission.

The school tour aims to educate students about healthy living and preventive care. The community outreach program will extend the foundation’s reach, providing essential health services and support to underserved areas.

The climax of Denel’s Foundation activities will be a massive health screening and seminar, providing free health checks and informative sessions on various health topics. This initiative aims to improve community health and empower individuals with knowledge and resources to take charge of their well-being.

Denel’s Foundation continues to make a significant impact, fostering a healthier and more informed community through its dedicated efforts. Keep an eye out for their upcoming events and join them in making a difference.

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