Dame Zina Weaves Electronic Pop With Folklore In Their Enchanting ‘Fairytales’

Father Daughter, or Dame Zina, in short, is an enticing electronic pop group.

Their initial debut album, “Emerald Eyes,” dates back to 2020, and they now have a good fan base. They create a sonic space that engages themes of music, womanhood, liberty and acceptance.

This is a fourteen-track album, trying to unwrap Dame Zina’s dreams and words. It is an album talking about the wish to go away from everyday life and find a magical world.

‘Fairytales’, a collection of electro-pop, avant-garde sounds, and even more eclectic styles of music, is taken in by it. This includes a spoken word (slam or spoken word) and culminates with the finale of all these being a folk song.

This album revolves around magical elements as its core theme. Additionally, its video and second single are “Witch Circle,” which symbolizes women’s empowerment.

The album has all genres of songs, ranging from light-hearted to heavy metal and rock tracks. The songs carry stories that deal with several of the central ideas in the album and demand much more than one-dimensional listening.

Dame Zina Weaves Electronic Pop With Folklore In Their Enchanting 'Fairytales'
Dame Zina Weaves Electronic Pop With Folklore In Their Enchanting ‘Fairytales’

Among these ‘Fairytales’ is one that is truly special by mixing acoustics with electronic ones. Fusion is not only modernist, but it is timeless and gives a contemporary interpretation of olden-day musical traditions.

An album about women called ‘Fairytales’ by Diana Zina gives you a chance to explore your own imagination in its magical world. This is a magical, amazing statement of their creative growth that one can see through listening. This is their third album; they take you on a trip through their music.

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