Catlea’s “Lying” Strikes A Chord With Bold Confrontation And Infectious Hooks

Cincinnati Indie-Pop Star Catlea Unveils a Powerful Anthem “Lying” of Betrayal from Upcoming Album, “Language Barrier

With her exciting new single “Lying,” Catlea is back. It’s the second song from her much-anticipated album “Language Barrier“.

After the success of her first song “Like Me,” which got over 1.2 million plays, Catlea‘s new single “Lying” makes her even more of a force in the indie-pop scene.

The catchy song “Lying” is about a lover who cheats on their partner, and Catlea uses her sultry but powerful singing to stand up to them. With its uplifting story, lively beats, and catchy hooks, “Lying” is a standout track that fans and newbies alike really connect with.

Catlea‘s new song “Lying” is being promoted with a strong social media campaign and a 42-show tour across the Midwest of the US. This is to make sure that a lot of people hear her lively sound.

Catlea has been putting out foreign records since her launch in 2019. These songs were made in some of the best studios in the world, in cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, London, Barcelona, and Bucharest. One of her many great albums has been streamed six million times.

Catlea worked closely with master producer Jason Boshoff at Room to Studios in Barcelona, Spain, on the Language Barrier project.

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Each track got the care it deserved thanks to the careful production process, which included recording her captivating voice at Cincinnati’s PLAY Audio.

Catlea shows how good she is at music again with “Lying,” which also shows how committed she is to making real, understandable music.

This song, like the rest of “Language Barrier“, sounds like it will be an honest and raw look at relationships, catching both the highs and lows with great feeling.

Catlea's "Lying" Strikes A Chord With Bold Confrontation And Infectious Hooks
Catlea’s “Lying” Strikes A Chord With Bold Confrontation And Infectious Hooks

Language Barrier” is almost out, and people are really looking forward to it. “Lying” is a tantalising taste of what’s to come. Its mix of honest lyrics and well-polished music sets the stage for an indie-pop record that will make waves.

If you want to feel the strong energy of “Lying” live, catch Catlea on her spring tour. You can now find the song on all streaming services.

Watch out for more from this rising star; her unique style and captivating stories will keep you hooked.

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