Carson Ferris Tackles Toxic Relationships With New Single “Ghosts”

Carson Ferris Tackles Toxic Relationships in Electro-Pop “Ghosts” Collaboration with Matthew Parker

Carson Ferris, a rising pop star, drops the emotional electro-pop song “Ghosts,” which is about how hard it is to let go of bad relationships and move on.

The single is Ferris‘s most important work with producer Matthew Parker. It combines her emotional singing with computerised beats to make a song that is both sad and chill.

Ghosts” goes into great detail about how hard it is to leave bad relationships behind. Ferris‘s words, which are about forgiving others and growing as a person, speak to people of all ages.

Ghosts” started out as a dance track, but it turned into a slower, more synth and drum-heavy song that still had the electronic music vibe that Ferris wanted. By working with the well-known composer Matthew Parker, Ferris expands the range of his songs.

The result is a sound that sounds like Kygo or Marshmello remixing a pop song. Parker’s music lifts Ferris’s natural talent, making the words’ vulnerability and the polished electronic melodies work perfectly together.

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Ironically, Ferris‘s singing on “Ghosts” shows how mature she is. His performance strikes a good mix between emotional depth and technical accuracy, showing that he has grown since “Talkin’ to You” came out in 2023. The framework of the song lets Ferris use all of his singing range, from soft lines to high choruses.

Carson Ferris is only 14 years old, but he has already made a big name for himself in the singing business. With the help of rock bands and the One Voice Children’s Choir, he got better at playing the electric guitar when he was six years old. The pop-rock style of Ferris is influenced by artists like Journey, OneRepublic, Ed Sheeran, and the Jonas Brothers.

Carson Ferris Tackles Toxic Relationships With New Single "Ghosts"
Carson Ferris Tackles Toxic Relationships With New Single “Ghosts”

The sound quality of the track is great all the way through. Crisp synths and punchy drums give Ferris‘s singing a modern soundscape. The mix strikes a careful balance so that the main message of the words is never lost in the noise.

As Ferris keeps getting better as an artist, “Ghosts” is a strong statement of what he can do. The song is sure to hit with its radio-ready sound and global theme, and it could be a big step forward for the young artist.

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