Binoy’s ‘BoysBoysBoys’ Is A Vibrant Exploration Of Queer Hook-Up Culture

In his new song “BoysBoysBoys,” Binoy shows that he has a strong voice. The song has a lively look at the crazy and fun world of queer hookups.

From Nairobi, this singer, musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist gives the pop style a new look by drawing from many different cultures in his work.

When it comes to music, Binoy’s background includes sounds from East Africa and India. This makes his music one of a kind and sets new standards for Western pop.

Mika’s stage presence, Taylor Swift’s ability to tell stories, and Fleetwood Mac’s classic sound are some of the things that inspire Binoy in music. He also talks about his own life as a gay person of colour.

“BoysBoysBoys” stands out as an emotional look at love in the modern world and the bonds between gay people. The song was made in a home studio with Arthur Besna. It has a heavy bass beat and will become a classic for dance. But there is a deeper story beneath its lively surface.

This song describes the thrill, the energy, and the allure of sexual desire that come with a night out at the club. There is a greater need for deep connections, though, because it talks about the tough parts of these meetings. Putting these two things next to each other makes you think about friendship beyond the short-lived desire they give you.

Binoy's 'BoysBoysBoys' Is A Vibrant Exploration Of Queer Hook-Up Culture
Binoy’s ‘BoysBoysBoys’ Is A Vibrant Exploration Of Queer Hook-Up Culture

Binoy has a lot of different kinds of artistic skills that show in “BoysBoysBoys.” He can easily change styles, combining synth-pop with Indian roots and quiet alt-rock. For him to make music that speaks to so many people, he has to be willing to take risks and get out of his comfort zone.

Not only is “BoysBoysBoys” a song, but it also looks at desire and the need to be loved in a deep way. But the song comes from a place of openness and thought. It’s meant to make people dance and feel good.

Something very rare in modern pop is a dance song that moves both the body and the soul. This is what gives it its real power.

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