A Decade of Musical Mastery: Sam Dickinson Continues To Captivate With ‘Falling’

Sam Dickinson, a singer-songwriter, has been a fixture in the British music industry for over a decade.

Sam’s musical path is as fascinating as it is vast, spanning several genres and airwaves on different continents.

Sam’s voice has reverberated around the globe thanks to his appearances on major radio and television networks including the BBC’s illustrious Radio 2 in the United Kingdom and America’s foremost satellite radio network, Sirius XM.

However, his frequent appearances on Pride Radio highlight more than just his dedication to sharing the experiences and perspectives of the LGBTQI+ community throughout the world.

Sam’s first musical memories are set to the beat of ’90s R&B and alternative rock. As he continued his exploration of music, performing in cover bands and on the local music scene helped him hone his voice and guitar skills. This educational foundation has enabled him to weave an original musical tapestry that contrasts the peace of natural harmony with captivating melodies.

A Decade of Musical Mastery: Sam Dickinson Continues To Captivate With 'Falling'
A Decade of Musical Mastery: Sam Dickinson Continues To Captivate With ‘Falling’

His most recent masterwork, “Falling,” demonstrates Dickinson’s talent for fusing dance rhythms with heartfelt narratives. This throbbing dance song, which serves as the first single from his upcoming album “Collection: The Stories,” is more than simply a hit in the clubs. Underneath the upbeat rhythms is a heartfelt story about never giving up on finding happiness and love.

Sam Dickinson’s career arc represents what it means to develop professionally while being true to one’s identity. His music provides an engrossing experience, letting listeners delve deeply into narratives, emotions, and rhythms, whether via lyrical meditation or the exhilaration of dance tunes. One thing is clear as “Collection: The Stories” ushers in the next phase of Dickinson’s legendary career: his music will continue to inspire, connect, and elevate.

Could you tell us about the creative process behind “Falling”?
Falling is one of those post-lockdown songs. I’d spent lockdown writing toplines for artists, which weren’t successful unfortunately, writing songs on Zoom with other writers as well as releasing my third album ‘Off Script’.

So, when the chance came to write with people again, in the same room, I jumped. Falling is part of a collection of songs post-lockdown where our creativity flew out of the traps.

What inspired you to create “Falling”?
I’d just released my third album. I’d spent an absolute bloody fortune on it, there are house deposits less than what I spent on that album! I was pleased with its performance in terms of streaming figures, I did want them to be higher but ultimately, I released an album during lockdown which has been streamed hundreds of thousands of times.

So, I just wanted to get back to writing music. A lot of those songs on my third album were written years beforehand and now I had a whole host of new things I wanted to say, Falling was one of the first songs to come from that.

You’ve undoubtedly developed a unique sound and style to fit into your musical journey, how does it showcase your growth and artistic evolution?
Well, I’ve always hinted at dance. Even my first album, ‘The Stories That Occurred’, which was released exactly 10 years ago had a collection of remixes on the deluxe version. If I’m honest, my music has evolved a lot, and I’m proud of every record I’ve released. Pop music is so diverse, we should celebrate that. I think the older I have become, the more confident I have become in releasing music I love, as opposed to what I think people will like.

Can you share the underlying message or theme that you wanted to convey through “Falling”?
I didn’t have anything in mind when I walked into the studio to write the song. My guitarist at the time, who I wrote the track with came up with the lyrics ‘it’s 4 am and you’re still calling”. I guess what transpired were those relationships which just weren’t easy in the past. It’s that realisation that people change, as we grow we change.

How do you envision “Falling” resonating with your audience, and what impact do you hope it will have on listeners as this has the potential to become a fan favourite.?
I hope that my fans know me well enough by now. I hope they know I write with my heart on my sleeve, and I think those songs connect when I do. I also think the vibe of Falling is a positive one, I see it being a feel-good moment on tour.

Do you have any exciting plans or projects in the pipeline? Can you give us a glimpse into what the future holds for your music?
Well…! It’s 10 years since my debut album was released! Falling is released 10 years, to the day, since ‘The Stories That Occurred’ came out. That album was the big soul-driven album, it was songs of heartbreak, of me not accepting myself for who I am and putting the expectations of me on other people.

I wanted ‘Falling’ to come out on the day it is because it’s a celebration of music. And, since it’s ten years, I need to mark that. I am going to be releasing an album later this year called, ‘Collection: The Stories’ with all the singles I have released over the years, along with some new songs. It’s kind of like a greatest hit for someone without a hit!

How do you navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with being an artist in today’s competitive landscape?
Being an artist today is everything. You have to know a little bit of everything, not just how to write a song or sing it. It’s pretty tough for people who love something that makes them feel good.

What you have to do is take every single moment and think ‘How does this benefit my career?’. Those free gigs which will “really give you a promotion push” are nine times out of ten, people taking advantage of you.

Know your worth. It’s about realising your opportunities and running with them. The music industry has changed so much, for the better and the worse. Artists have so much more creativity now but the opportunities to make it a career are still so limited.

Are there any other musical genres or styles that you are interested in exploring in your future releases?
I just love music. I don’t think we should be restricted to one particular sound. I’m exploring dance at the moment, but I’m also creating a soul album at the same time.

Let’s not put people in boxes. Music is amazing and we should do what the hell we want! I want to do a cover album from LGBT artists exploring many different styles of music.

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