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We are delivering beautiful digital services for you.

Website Development & Design

We have the best developers all over the world who have planned, designed and built several responsive, mobile friendly and cost effective websites which are ranking number 1 on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, YandexAsk and many more.


  1.  Music Arena Gh
  2.  OrbAfrica
  3.  Gyasiweb
  4.  DicTune
  5.  ViviPlay

Creative Design

We are equipped with the advanced tools to give you the best when it comes to designing your album artworks, flyers, logos, business cards, etc.

if you are an artiste and you desperately need a graphic designer to make you that dope album artwork, contact us and lets talk to the Graphic team on your behalf.


Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Service implies that, our experienced staff will aid you in these fields:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO Given to Artistes.)

2. Social Media Marketing & Management (Advertising, Boosting of Social Media Pages or Posts)

3. Influencer Marketing

4. Events Promoting

5. Spotify Artist Verification and Biography

Our duty is to help you reach millions of people with your works been it your song, artwork, Music Videos, Documentaries, Films etc.

We offer the best algorithms to help you reach millions and get the required and necessary engagement.

Domain Hosting

Do you have a website???

Are you planning to own one??

Are you interested in having a hosting plan but can’t afford???

Are you interested in one time payment for the whole year???

Look no further as ViviPlay and Music Arena Gh is here to help you. We will supply you with the best hosting plan you will ever come across with no monthly charges. You only pay for the year and that’s it; you only renew the following year. No Monthly Fees.

This plan includes Unlimited Data, Unlimited Bandwidth, fast response and 24/7 support team.

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