Nick, I AM Releases A Celebratory Single Dubbed Jump

Nick, I AM Releases A Celebratory Single Dubbed Jump

Nick, I AM Releases A Celebratory Single Dubbed Jump

As a gender-ambiguous woman with a boundless melodic inventive brain, Nick, I AM conveys a really fundamental new perspective to introduce day music. She is a grouping safe, autonomous specialist, she tends to subjects of character, love, and delight with a striking soul. As of now, with the appearance of her most persuading music to date, she is close to the dubious edge of reaching the overall group her music merits.

She was brought into the world in Los Angeles, where she grew up submerged in rap and R&B. It wasn’t until she migrated to Virginia Beach that she started to find her actual voice. On her 2020 introduction single, ‘SHE BAD‘ she uncovered the irresistible pop songs and entrancing rhythms that would come to characterize her style. She has been continually re-examining her sound from that point forward, investigating strong surfaces and states of mind with each new track.

Currently, she is preparing for the release of her debut full-length ‘Jump.’ With its jubilant, EDM-inspired anthems, the album is a celebratory work of art meant to remind us all to stay true to ourselves. A moving, authentic, and unapologetic creation, ‘Jump’ is the perfect introduction to an artist set to make a lasting impact on the music world.

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