LynO – Mood (Official Video)

LynO - Mood (Official Video)

LynO – Mood (Official Video)

Lyn’O is a Christian artist with many facets. At a very soon age, Lyn’O has been surrounded by Hip-Hop, R’N’B, Soul, Jazz, or even Funk music through her different collaborations as a lead or backing singer. Mixing a “Soulfood” universe and poetic phrases influenced by subtly biblical references, Lyn’O can surprise. It provides us a sort of musical flashback with a taste of modernity. The topic smells like a personal experience that we can easily identify ourselves to who has never deal with temptation ?! “MOOD” 2nd extract from the album.

That journey built a melancholic vocal sound signature. In 2007 she founded a new way and a new voice through Jesus-Christ from who she draws her inspiration. Her lyrics are now tinted with love, hope, and soul healings. Six months after the release of the first single “PAS A PAS”, Lyn’O is back with a new opus “MOOD”. The title is in English but the lyrics are in French. It sets out her interpretation of the struggle against temptation.

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