Lucie Lynch Releases A Soul Grabbing Love Song Dubbed “Love Is The Only Way Love”

Lucie Lynch Releases A Soul Grabbing Love Song Dubbed "Love Is The Only Way Love"

Lucie Lynch Releases A Soul Grabbing Love Song Dubbed “Love Is The Only Way”

Lucie Lynch is a Singer, Songwriter, and Sound Alchemist in Honolulu Hawaii, initially from Hamburg Germany. Lucie was brought into the world in 1977 in Germany and experienced childhood in the Village of Groenewald, Northern Germany.

She completed High School in Bargteheide, concentrated on a performance center in Hamburg, Germany “Schauspielstudio Frese”. It was at this after her experience and instigation in theatre, she started having the energy and reverberation for composing and performing music. She recorded her first single with “The Lucy Project” in Hamburg Germany called ” Girl You Are Looking For ” when she was 19.

Lucie Lynch Releases A Soul Grabbing Love Song Dubbed "Love Is The Only Way"

Lucie Lynch


She proceeded to compose, create and play out her own show “Gabrieles Universum” in Germany and visited with it for quite some time 2001 to 2005 from that point forward has been recording and composing for the past 25 years and has had the advantage to work with Marillion, Henry Kapono, Paul Izak, Jacob Moon, Manoa Valley Theatre, Doris Duke Theatre to give some examples and because of that, has had the option to record various show-stoppers, for example, “It Goes Without Words” on her Laptop while venturing to the far corners of the planet as a Travel Poet for a very long time, an assortment of feelings and songs let uniquely available delivered CDs out of 2008-2013.

In 2015 she made a Kickstarter and recorded “Here We Are”, her first independent studio delivered collection in Honolulu, Hawaii which upheld a lounge room visit across Germany and Switzerland. Recorded a live collection with her band “Lucie and The Perfect Wave” in 2015, trailed by an EP “Alive” in 2016 which sold out Doris Duke Theatre in Honolulu for its delivery party. She Co-composed, created, delivered, and played out the two-lady melodic “Cash Talks: But What The Hell Is It Saying?” with Marcia Zina-Mager and visited with it across Hawaii and US debut in Colorado from 2015 – 2019.

In 2019, Lucie endorsed the indie label Beautiful Emergency Record Label and has delivered and recorded 4 new performance singles as a team with Imua Garza and David Pichard in 2020-2021. As of now working with Producer Daniel Gilad on a progression of directed reflections with live gem bowl exhibitions and soundscapes. As of late appeared “Mother Earth”, a 15-minute short film/directed contemplation at the 4DFX Cinemas in Waikiki.

When as her music, Lucie Stated “I love to recount to stories in my melodies, work through close to home change, struggle, and injury, discovering goal and reclamation in the pieces I make. I would say my type is vocalist/lyricist, people, acoustic, grown-up contemporary and I additionally use the force of music for reflection and unwinding. I make spaces for individuals for profound inward reflection, thought, and unwinding. I’m welcoming people to recollect their actual pith and source. Inhale further and give up to all that there is. The dull and the light. The high and the low. All that we look for is as of now inside.”

Her present undertaking Love Is the Only Way which is delivered under her present mark Beautiful Emergency Record Label “Love Is the Only Way” is the gentler development to “Yes I Can”, the female strengthening melody with the beast guitars that was delivered in mid-2021.

Requested to portray the general topic of “Affection Is the Only Way,” Lucie Lynch expresses: “The several years have been a chance for us all of us consider what is genuinely significant throughout everyday life, thus the message of the melody is straightforward yet so amazing. I trust the tune can give some harmony to somebody who needs it. – I sure required it when it discovered me!”

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